The Orthodontic Retainer Material Should be High in Quality

The dental field is diverse because the treatment procedures are diverse and so are the requirements to store the products. The companies which are manufacturing the dental packaging products have increased in number due to the demand for such products. Tigers Plastics Inc is one of the most reputed companies in the USA which is engaged in the manufacturing and supplying of the dental packaging products. The Orthodontic Retainer Material used by the company is very high. The material used in the manufacturing units is made to pass through the quality tests so that everything which is good in quality is engaged in the designing of the products.

The Plaster Trap manufactured by the company is in high demand in the plumbing industry. It helps to keep the clogged drains absolutely clear and free. It can be used in the clearing of the sinks also. It is used in the dental packaging industry as the sinks get clogged at times due to the materials used in the manufacturing of the related products. The products are priced at very competitive rates. The company has come forth as one of the best and most respected in the industry. They also offer unique deals to the clients which are very attractive.

The Orthodontic Retainer Material Should be High in Quality

The High Demand for Splint Material

Tigers Plastics Inc. in Los Angeles is involved in the manufacturing of dental packaging products since 20 years. The company has acquired a safe and secure name in the industry and they have managed to have a big list of hospitals as their clients. They produce a wide range of products in the related field. The professionals of the company are equipped with the technical know-how to pack the stuff in the most careful manner which can ensure safe delivery and shipping of the products across the country. All the products are manufactured in the USA. The Splint Material is manufactured in six different sizes which are transparent. These materials can be found in the square and round shapes or customized as per the requirement of the customers.


Denture Cups manufactured by the company in various designs and the customers can also get the stuff customized as per their size. It is manufactured using high-quality products. The company is very well settled and can ensure that the delivery of the stuff happens as per the time frame indicated by the client. The bulk orders are taken and the executed with complete support by the professionals of the company. It has come forth as a very successful company.

The High Demand for Splint Material

Get all the Dental Products Packaged by the Tiger’s Inc. in Cardboard Mailing Boxes!

IN the dental packaging industry, the leading manufacturer and supplier is the Tiger’s Inc. They have an experience of 20 years and serving their clients with an aim to satisfy their clients by providing them with a wide variety of dental packaging products of different categories. They act as the only source of molding as well as customized needs of their clients. They act as turnkey operation, pad printing, hot stamping, developing plastic molds, parts and packaging and customize molding on a large scale. They provide a full service engineering support. Below mentioned are the products with different categories:

  • Casting
  • Disposable traps
  • Model & die
  • Boil & bite trays
  • Safe-lox boxes
  • Cardboard boxes9576540

Also, they provide a wide range of materials including retainer material, night guard laminates, mouth guard laminates, splint material, soft Eva material, coping material, etc. They make use of cardboard mailing boxes for packaging of their unique dental products. Different types of cardboard boxes are being used by them and are available with an ease. Some of them are listed below:

Get all the Dental Products Packaged by the Tiger’s Inc. in Cardboard Mailing Boxes!