Orthodontic Retainer Material is High in Quality

The dental products are diverse and these require good quality materials to achieve durability. The dental packaging should also be given equal importance. The company, Tigers Plastics Inc. in the USA is a reliable name attached with the manufacturing and distribution of the dental packaging. They have involved highly qualified experienced designers and engineers who are there to supervise the production right from the building of the mold. Till the product is finished, the supervision does not end.


The Orthodontic Retainer Material used in the production is very high in quality. As the company has the ability to produce bulk orders timely, they have developed a high reputation in the market and have several hospitals and dental clinics as their clients.
The Splint Material is clear which allows the acrylic to stick to it. It is used for the surgical trays and orthodontic retainers. The product should be stored in a cool place. The company has been working in association with the reauthorized dealers. Thus they supply the products in bulk to their dealers and from the dealers, the clients can easily purchase the products of their requirement and choice. The company has come forth as a very reliable one.

Orthodontic Retainer Material is High in Quality

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