Denture Boxes- To keep your false teeth safe!


Orthodontic retainers are the devices specially fabricated for the patient after completion of an orthodontic treatment. It is meant to prevent the relapse of the treatment. It is made from stainless steel rigid wires of different forces. These days’ retainers are also fabricated from rubber material as they are easy to manage by the patient in contrast to conventional wire retainers. The special orthodontic retainer material is taking over the market these days, these are stiff and clear material is available in the market, which authenticates the acrylic to stick to it and offers long lasting effect. It is available in sheets of 5 inches.


Various types of polymeric material are also available in the market, in order to promote the clear orthodontic therapy as this material is absolutely crystal clear and ideal for fabrication of clear retainers and aligners. It is thermoplastic in character and has the best resistance to wear and tear and also prevents creep property, which usually may take place with the retainers. Various splint bio-Acryl materials, clear materials are available for the patients who want to avoid the visible wire retainers. Denture boxes with high quality are also available for the similar purpose of ensuring denture safety.

Denture Boxes- To keep your false teeth safe!

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