Lab Pans – Smooth, Uniform and Economical to Use in Labs


Laboratory work often creates contaminated laboratory materials and this is the place where lab pans play crucial role in organizing your laboratory. These are widely used for physical wastage or ingoing or outgoing work in the medical lab.


Lab pans hassle free organize and transport impressions, models, dentures, crowns and bridge appliances from operatory to lab operatory on a daily basis. Made up of plastic and even stainless steel, these pans contain antimicrobial protection and ensure durability to the users.

The high quality of lab pan is made of aluminum and largely used in laboratories. You will find these pans larger and deeper and suitable for weighing, storage, sampling and evaporating. On the other hand, stainless steel lab pans come in seamless construction with coved corners for easy cleaning. The strap handles ease users in handling and storing. Moreover, these pans are smooth, uniform and economical to use in all of your weighing procedures. Whether using these lab pans for solids or liquids, the flat bottoms and uniform sides provide easy weighing and fast transfer of materials.

articulatorcbSpecifically designed dental model boxes are made available in single or double size in different colors and make easy carrying of dental accessories. Dental industry makes use of model boxes for protecting dental molds and impression during shipment. The sturdy finish and shock-resistant features offer your worry-free mailing.

Lab Pans – Smooth, Uniform and Economical to Use in Labs

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