Denture Cups – Useful for Safeguarding Your Dentures

Dentures are false teeth constructed to replace missing teeth which are seized in place by the tissues of the oral cavity. Removable dentures usually need to be removed before going to bed at night and when the denture is removed, special care should be taken to keep them either completely immersed in water or dry, depending on the type of denture you have. Denture cups are handy to use and hence widely used to safeguard your dentures.

back_panA range of denture cups and other denture accessories are made available at Tiger Sinc. You can easily find different denture cups to best meet your travel and regular use. The denture cups available for travel purpose are disposable type and can be easily thrown away after a few uses. Regular used denture cups are sturdier to use and hence your denture will remain safe even it fall down from your hand. They come with additional support structure on the inside and used to  hold the denture tightly when placed inside.

Model boxes are ideal for long-term storage of dentures and other dental accessories. These boxes are sturdily designed to provide maximum protection to the users. Unique features that model boxes come blended with include color variation, leak-proof lid to avoid spills, durable antibacterial plastics and more.

Denture Cups – Useful for Safeguarding Your Dentures

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