Complete Dental Requirements

Tiger’s Plastics Inc. has got 20 years of experience in providing the best quality dental requirements on time. They are placed in Los Angeles and have acquired the title of being the most responsive suppliers in the country.

They manufacture molds, metal parts, plastic dental packaging products, hot stamping, pad printing and customized molding. They contribute a lot more to the dental packaging industry. The company is a direct manufacturer of these dental products:

  • Retainer boxes
  • Crown and bridge
  • Denture cups
  • Mouthguard Laminates and boxes
  • Disposable traps and lab pans

The company is the best solution for custom plastics and molding.

Retainer Boxes are made of plastic and protect the oral guards, retainers, and braces. Mouth guard laminates are used as shock absorbers for boxers. Such products will require the best quality plastics and molding techniques that are practiced by the company. The company also takes contracts for dealing with molding customized products.


The company provides services for the development of existing products or creating new ones. They provide a complete range of services from mold development to packaging of products. All products are tested for durability in a long time before dispatching. Their unique tools and innovations have been serving for the best for years. These meet the requirements of the customer or the partner.

Complete Dental Requirements

Advantages of New Technology in Clinic

Advancement in technology has brought a huge amount of ease to every other person, including the doctors and dental surgeons. With new surgery equipment added to the clinic, various dental surgeons can afford the time, not only for numbers of patients but also their own family. There are some more of the benefits to look upon here, that can make any dentist convinced on adding a new machinery into their clinic.

Attracts Patient: Patients nowadays are at major attracted towards the treatments that are both painless and less time-consuming at the same time. Well, the new technology holds a solution to both. There were times when dental treatments were painful and lengthy, that made many patients to avoid the visit.

Cleanliness matters: The new technology machines also helps a surgeon to have cleanliness maintained. With new Denture Cups like packaging, it becomes easy for a dentist to store dentures that can assure patient of the clinic’s hygiene and quality. Who would want to have their dental care done at an unhygienic place?


More Productivity: More customers can bring more productivity. With new technology and hygiene maintained with proper Membrane Boxes, in the clinic, the patients will automatically make a way towards your clinic. Moreover, you won’t take much time to attend numbers of patients in even a short lifespan.

Advantages of New Technology in Clinic

Uses of Orthodontic Retainers and Splint Material

There is a number of splinting material options and thus it sometimes it becomes quite difficult to choose a splinting material which is best for the patients. For an instance, you may need a material which is stiff, non-stick and mini perforated. At first, you should know about the differentiating factors to choose a splinting material.

Few splints are made of a high-quality thermoplastic material which designed well for the physicians and other specialists to customize the Splint Material as per the requirements of clients. The material is available in various options, each of it has its own benefit. Mostly are available in sheets, or precut forms with various levels of perforation.


Orthodontic Retainers are basically custom-made devices which are made up of wires or clear plastic which holds teeth in a position after surgery is performed. Once orthodontic treatment has been performed for straightening the teeth, there is always a risk of relapse because of several factors, the recoil of periodontal fibers; pressure from the surround tissues. With the use of retainers, teeth are held at their new position for a long time and the surrounding periodontal fibers are also allowed for adapting according to the changes in none that helps a lot in minimizing the changes for final positioning of teeth after the orthodontic treatment has been completed.

Uses of Orthodontic Retainers and Splint Material

An Ideal Platform Introducing the Best Splint Material

Thermoplastic Splint Material is high in demand as they are used in order to create low-temperature splints which protect as well as support fracture and sprains injuries. The best thing is that this material is quite lighter in comparison of the traditional plaster casting. Moreover, this is pretty much easier to remove and clean. This is ideal for the injuries which need a longer healing time. We are here with the best Splint Material available at the best online prices.

Dental splint

We are also known for introducing the Orthodontic Retainers. To put in easy words, orthodontic retainers are actually custom-made devices. And they are used in order to hold teeth at their accurate position or to bring them in alignment. These retainers are either made of wires or clear plastic. Orthodontic retainers are advised to the patients after surgery or any method of realigning teeth. Here, we introduced the best to the customers according to their requirements and needs. The orthodontic retainers are manufactured using the best methodology and the quality based material to ensure the quality of the product. Do visit our official site to accumulate more information. We have been catering to this field for a long time and is trusted by many customers.


An Ideal Platform Introducing the Best Splint Material

What About the Uses of Plaster Trap and Denture Cups??

The Plaster Trap are the installations that take place in hospitals, prosthetics, and orthodontics department. This is being used as a substitute for clay as well as plaster. It is considered that a perfect installation of these traps is important, in order to avoid plumbing problems in the upcoming future. The companies having expertise in supplying dental plaster traps provide their clients with a wide variety of Plaster Trap, including:

  • Metal plaster trap
  • Disposable plaster trap
  • Disposable plaster trap hoses,
  • Metal plaster traps liners, etc.

There are a number of companies that supply different kinds of dental care products to their clients. They also provide their clients with cardboard mailing boxes, orthodontic retainers, splint material, Denture Cups, etc. One can buy these cups from popular online shopping portals as well. These shopping portals ensure the high quality of their products. They can be accessed anytime and from anywhere in the world. They accept multiple modes of payments. They ensure their clients that they do not have to pay any shipping charges One can just place the order online and get it delivered at his/her doorstep. They have provided their clients with a convenient mode of shopping and making their dreams come true.



What About the Uses of Plaster Trap and Denture Cups??

Must have Cases for Dental Products

For securing the teeth, there are so many products in the markets. The patients are so many and their problems are different. When the patients visit the dentist, they expect an absolute solution to all their dental problems.

img_tmlMouthguard Laminates: The mouthguard laminates is a material which is a leader in custom made mouthguards. These laminates have wonderful tensile strength. The pro-form Mouthguard Laminates is the material of choice for custom-made mouthguards. The mouthguards laminates are in various color range like yellow, orange, blue, green, black purple and so on. These materials are available in dual colors and tri-colors also.

Orthodontic Retainer Cases: To store retainers, mouthguards, splint and bleaching trays; the retainer trays are required. Orthodontic retainer cases are made up of flexible plastic. These retainer cases are very much useful for storing the products which can get damaged with a little jerk. These cases have a hinge design and they have a secure latching mechanism. During surgery of the patients who have removable appliances, the dentist needs to keep these appliances safely. In such cases, these orthodontic retainer cases are ideal. If a customer wants them with the identification labels, these can be provided with them too. Orthodontic Retainer Cases are a must-have for dentists.


Must have Cases for Dental Products

Dental Splint Material Should be of Very High Quality

The world of dentistry is very wide and the professionals who are attached with the field realise the importance of dental products. Just like hygiene levels have to be maintained for the manufacturing of the dental products, the same standards have to be maintained for the manufacturing of the dental packaging. The dental packaging products handled by Tigers Plastics Inc are one of the optimum in the related field. They have a huge range of products to cater the growing demand in the related field. The Dental Splint Material is a superb example of the high-quality material used for the production of the items.


The Dental Lab Pans are manufactured to cater the requirements in the dental hospitals and clinic. The products are supplied to the units across the country of USA. The headquarters of the company is in LA. The company has earned the reputation of being a highly motivated and independent service provider. Tbe professionals are working to give the maximum output to the client at the most affordable rates. As the pricing of the products is kept competitive, the company is getting bulk orders and is able to handle the same with ease and provide the best results to the clients.

When the dental products are in question, the first thing which occurs in the mind of several people is the safety and hygiene of the products. Read more

Dental Splint Material Should be of Very High Quality